Our Story

The Youth Strength and Conditioning association provides a coach development pathway for anyone looking to improve the health, wellness and physical literacy of young people.

Our Vision

  • Bring the excite, engage, enable methodology to every training session, sports practise and movement scenario.

  • Create an elite, but not elitist training environment for every young person in the country to have access to, through the YSCA affiliated training group programme.

  • To build a coaching workforce with an ability to solve problems, build adaptable athletes and students, and develop physically and emotionally healthy young people.

Our courses cover everything from coaching and fitness development to health and wellness in young people.

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to work with young people.

The YSCA educational pathway equips you with the coaching skills and tools to succeed. Not only that, you'll also be armed with the business knowledge you need to help you in whichever direction you choose to go. Whether that's working as a full time coach in a school, building a private business, starting an online business or simply improving your reputation in the local area. With the YSCA affiliated training group, you'll also become a centre of excellence in the area, making you the 'go-to' expert.

You're qualified, but can you legally work with young people?

Almost all personal training, coaching and strength and conditioning courses DO NOT cover working with people under the age of 16. As a member of the YSCA, you'll be able to get insurance to work with people from the ages of 6-18 years of age (and above).