Our Values

Learn by doing:

We believe that the most effective learning style is specific to the activity that you’re undertaking. Our coaching pathway is about enabling our coaches through movement. Which in turn is the essence of the sessions that we, and our coaches put together for the young people we work with. Expect to get stuck in during our coaching courses, but the nature of the teaching methodology means that you work at your own pace in an inclusive environment - exactly like we work to facilitate for our athletes and young people.

Empower through coaching:

Coaching is absolutely critical to the development process. A good coach is part mentor, part teacher and absolutely is the catalyst to the learning process. We teach our coaches the skill of coaching in all YSCA courses. This is not about blowing the whistle and putting out cones. This is about empowering through being present in every way for the young people you are working with. Being a coach to young people is a true privilege in life and fulfilling in every way.

Exploration builds ownership:

Our goals as coaches is to develop an exciting, engaging environment that facilitates learning, health and development. Central to this is the concept of exploration. If we put too many barriers in place we lose the freedom and movement to play. Our goal is to facilitate learning through a game based curriculum that encourages exploration and subsequently promotes learning.

Health before performance:

The work that we do as coaches is not about developing elite young athletes. On the contrary it is about building the foundations of effective movement for all people, irrespective of their athletic talent or aspirations.
The fundamentals we teach to our coaches and our students are there to serve us throughout life and to make a positive impact on our health and wellness and not just simply about performance. Of course, should our students have those aspirations, our curriculum will absolutely facilitate those goals too.