The YSCA Master Coach

Become a Youth Strength and Conditioning Pioneer with the 2018 Master Coach Programme

The YSCA Master Coach programme is an invite only programme for our specialist coaches who have a strong vision to become a genuine youth strength and conditioning pioneer and really make an impact in their careers. People successfully completing our specialist course will be eligible to apply for the master coach programme where they will undertake a 12 month period of applied practice and mentoring from our faculty members.

The initial master coach programme is due to commence March 2018 and YSCA Specialists will be invited to apply.

If you are interested in this programme leave your name and email in the contact form below and please note that only YSCA specialists will be eligible to apply so please consider gaining this certification asap.


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Here's an overview of what is covered in the YSCA Master Coach Programme:


The master coach practitioner programme is aimed at those people who are fully committed to make working with young people their full time job or business for the foreseeable future.

Although there will be a number of structured technical, business and coach development workshops there will be no formal assessment on the master coach programme. 

Students will submit a portfolio of evidence collated over a 12 month period to support their application for Master Coach. In addition, students will lead presentations, groups and seminars themselves centrally through the YSCA and also will be empowered to contribute to and start up initiatives in their communities that make a positive impact to the health and wellbeing of young people in line with the YSCA values. 

Over the 12 month period Master coach students will be integrated into the YSCA and will have an opportunity to apply to become a YSCA regional director responsible for the quality and growth of the association in their region.

Throughout the process you will receive support and guidance in your endeavours from our faculty and as you graduate from the programme you will be asked to present your career and business plan to us. We fully expect you to evolve into a true leader in the field of youth strength and conditioning throughout this process and beyond.


The Coaching Pathway