The Youth Strength and Conditioning Assistant

  • YSCA Assistant : This course teaches people the do’s and don’ts of youth fitness.

The Youth Strength and Conditioning Assistant

Who is it for?

This is an entry level course aimed at parents and people who work with young people on a voluntary basis.

This course teaches people the do’s and don’ts of youth fitness.

At the end of the course you will have a very good understanding of the basics of youth fitness and be confident designing simple warm-ups for your populations that will produce more engaging, productive sessions.

You will also be proficient in the YSCA terminology and ready to advance through the YSCA pathway and become a Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach.

Why should I do this course?

If you're looking for a thorough overview of how to work with young people from a physical perspective this course will certainly give you that. 

Delivered fully online, this is a flexible, applicable and engaging short course that will leave you more confident and able to coach and deliver simple but effective movement programmes. You will also have a far greater understanding of what is good practise which will stand you in good stead when overlooking your child's training programme and working with practitioners and coaches in the future. 

The YSCA Assistant course covers the following areas: 

The warm-up and cool down- How to effectively design and deliver productive warm-ups that are exciting and engaging for young people. 

The fundamentals of movement- We teach you the key movements underpinning all other movements, along with how to coach, progress and regress them according to the individuals strength and weaknesses. This will enable you to work with young people effectively. 

The Triple E coaching methodology- Young people respond to fun, engaging sessions and the Triple E method will give you a structure for creating productive and effective sessions for the young people you work with. A truly important component in the course. 

Dispelling the myths- In this important lecture you'll learn exactly what is right and wrong when it comes to youth training and coaching. So many people don't have a good understanding of the science and practise when it comes to training young people. 

And much, much more. 

Your YSCA Assistant course, is now available!

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