Introduction Blog Post from the Chairman!

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Introduction Blog Post from the Chairman!

Dear All,

It is a real privilege to be able to welcome you to the Youth Strength and Conditioning Association website. Please have a browse and familiarise yourself with our vision and the exciting pathway that we would love you to participate in order to help progress and optimise your professional development when working with young people.

Our core values and mission all centre around helping to get young people ‘moving’ and improving their physical qualities. To achieve this core aim we need to have the best coaches drawn from all over the country and currently working with young people. This is where our coaching pathway and expertise can really support you in your professional development and youth strength and conditioning coaching journey.

As you can see from our ‘coaches map’, that indicates where our current group of qualified coaches are working, our association is already growing and we’re keen for you to become part of our network of coaches, making an actual difference with youth populations around the world.

Furthermore, you will also notice that we have developed our courses to ensure practitioners gain appropriate insurance when working with young athletes, which in the modern world is essential. The emphasis within the Association will always be on training professionals to focus on keeping children safe when they engage with our qualified coaches, both from a safeguarding and physical perspective.

It is so important that we deliver the highest quality of content in a fun and engaging way, which is exciting for our young athletes as they work with us as coaches. Please take the opportunity to read about some of our industry leading founding members who have helped shape the content and delivery on the coaching pathway, along with the endorsements presented by some of our ambassadors working in critical roles with young people around the world.

I very much hope you will join our association and progress along the pathway to becoming a Youth Strength and Conditioning Specialist, helping us make an actual physical difference with young people in your community.

Yours sincerely,

Ben Haining

Chairman of the Youth Strength and Conditioning Association

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